Why we help

AfNEW (African Network for an Equitable World) is an international Non-Governmental Organization of Switzerland law, in the sense of articles 60 and following of Swiss Code Civil. Its headquarters is in the canton of Geneva, and its duration is indefinite.

Our Action

Nowadays, the persistsant duality between the poors  and the rich  in all sectors: private, academic, civil society and in all levels: family, national and international. No longer human being does pay attention to the good reputation. All the means of success are good and effective, even if the reputation is at stake. This duality is sustained by the unequal access to education, health care, natural resources.

AFNEW dreams of a new Africa, a peaceful, fair und equitable continent where social jsutice and good reputation are value.

AFNEW believes to a sustainable, dynamic, ethical Africa in 2035 through educative, innovative and entrepreneurial empowerment of the communities.

Our team

Pierre Balsiger

Directeur exécutif

Abaa Rosa Hänselerz

Fondateur et Coordonnateur

Fabrice Douti

Chargé de projet

Michèle Sieber

Chargée de l’administration